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Newsletter 11 February 2020

Dear reader,

Bonanza Media starts leaking.

As we announced 3 weeks ago, we have obtained credible information about the MH17-dossier. While preparing bigger scoops we decided to not keep you waiting too long and published two leaks. See our tweets here and here.

First leak:  Letter Westerbeke to Storozhuk concerning Tzemakh MH17 suspect.

Ukrainian site 'The Babel' already leaked the letter in September 2019 but crossed out the name of the recipient.


We published the complete letter.

Why a Ukrainian website would leak the letter but hide the recipient's name remains an interesting question.


Second leak: Q&A - anticipated questions and prepared answers by the MH17 Joint investigation Team for the first press conference that was to be held on 28th September 2016. The entire document can be downloaded here.

We would like to highlight 2 issues that we found most interesting.

1) Anticipated question & prepared answer about Ukrainian Radar data

JIT anticipated journalists would ask critical questions about missing Ukrainian radar data. As we can see JIT prepared quite an evasive answer, almost apologetic for Ukraine. Note how differently the official investigation treats Russia when it comes to the same matter.
When the Russian Federation eventually recovered raw radar data and presented it to the Dutch, they claimed Moscow supplied wrong, unreadable type of raw data and stated it should have been presented in Asterix format. Rosaviatsia responded that Asterix format is already a form of processed data, which the Dutch said they did not want.
Screenshot and text is part of the MH17 magazine about Russian radar data produced by JIT, Dutch Prosecution Office and Dutch police communication department. 

2) Anticipated question & prepared answer about the exact missile type that was used to down MH17.
As we can see JIT fails to fulfill its promise to appoint exact weapon.Instead it indicated only the series.

Head of Dutch Police Investigations Wilbert Paulissen: “Based on the criminal investigation it can be concluded that the flight MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014 by a missile from the 9M38-series.” Let's take a closer look at the 9M38-series. It consists of two missile types only: 9M38 and 9M38M1.
From the outside the two missiles are almost identical, but according to manufacturer Almaz Antey the warheads of the two missile types contain differently shaped particles. The warhead of the 9M38 contains square particles of two different sizes, while the missile type 9M38M1 (M1 stand for 'first modification') contains square particles of two different sizes and butterfly-shaped particles. The JIT in its animated presentation shows an explosion of a warhead with butterfly shaped particles, which indicates a missile of 9M38M1 type. And thus, not the 9M38 type.
So why does the JIT claim that flight MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014 by a missile from the “9M38-series”, but does not specifically appoint 9M38M1 as the weapon? Buk manufacturer Almaz Antey during its MH17 test had detonated a warhead 9N314M of a 9M38M1 missile near the cockpit of a decommissioned Ilyushin-86.
Which type of missile JIT claims was used?

9M38 or 9M31M1?

Is it possible to mount a warhead with butterfly shrapnel on a 9M38 missile instead of a 9M38M1 missile?

Five years on we are still confused. Still no definate answer.

Moving on to our next #BonanzaLeaks

We are in the process of making a big scoop that will directly impact the MH17 investigation. We'll need to travel to Donbass for that. We are still lacking financial means, so we would really appreciate if you support us.

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