Today we present new material from unpublished MH17 Joint Investigation Team documents. It concerns directly the MH17 investigation and is analysed by Max van der Werff on behalf of Bonanza Media.

The contents of 4 new leaks are:

DOC 1. BILLY SIX talks about witnesses of Ukrainian fighter jets 

A 'Record Of Interview' (ROI) between an officer of the Australian Federal Police and German journalist Billy Six you can find here.

DOC 2. OPERATION AVENELLA and manipulated metadata

Almost a year after the crash (22 April 2015 - 2 July 2015) imagery specialist Shaun Ellis and geospatial specialist Tim Johns from Australia were still examining non primary images shown above. They conclude that the metadata from all these 4 files ‘appears to have been manipulated. For example, the date modified is prior to the date the file was created’. For more details go here.

DOC 3. WITNESS TESTIMONY refuting the claim Ukrainian Air Force did not fly 17/07/14

The interview was conducted by a Dutch police officer on 28 July 2015. Interviewee is a male witness from Ukraine. He reports: 2 fighter jets in the sky, that circled over the town a few minutes before the Boeing went down; a loud bang over his head and a horizontal white trail in the sky; seeing the Boeing coming down. The witness’s detailed testimony and its analyses you can find here.

DOC 4. LETTER about BUK Positions (Russian and Ukrainian)

The letter from the Dutch Military Intelligence is addressed to the public prosecutor at the National Prosecutor's Office on Counter Terrorism.
On the basis of sources Dutch consider reliable they conclude it “becomes apparent that flight MH17 was flying beyond the range of all identified and operational Ukrainian and Russian locations where 9K37M1 Buk M1 systems were deployed.” 

The letter was sent on 21 September 2016 (one week before JIT had its press-conference on 28th September 2016). That is a strong indication that only ONE WEEK before the press conference JIT had no information from any reliable source that any Russian Buk-M1 had crossed the border with Ukraine at any time during the conflict. For more data and analyses on this go here.

The complete article on 4 JIT leaks you can read here.

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