RealTalk with Yana Y. "GRU ASSETS" Part I

Russian journalist and filmmaker Yana Yerlashova and her Dutch colleague and friend, MH17 blogger Max van der Werff discuss recent smear campaign against Bonanza Media by Bellingcat and the Dutch MSM. And how Max was refused to enter Russia to file a first lawsuit against Bellingcat's Russian partner, the Insider.


Pre-story: Bellingcat pictured Bonanza Media as a "disinformation operation" of the Russian military intelligence service GRU in the MH17 case. That triggered a wave of smears in mainstream Dutch media. "Dutch MH17-blogger directed by Russian secret service," daily newspaper NRC headlined. "Van der Werff worked on the orders of the Russian military intelligence service GRU," wrote the Dutch weekly De Groene Amsterdammer. In Dutch parliament, MP Sjoerd Sjoerdsma of D66 condemned what he called "an attack on the Dutch constitutional state.” Dutch politicians proposed legal measures to act against "foreign intelligence services that set up campaigns for disinformation in collaboration with Dutch citizens.” In response to Sjoerdsma, Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs wrote: "Bellingcat's findings seem to support the government's concerns about the spread of disinformation through Russia." We are going to hold liable those who created and spread these defamations and slanders. Your support will be highly appreciated:


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    Yolande Kenward (Wednesday, 29 June 2022 06:29)

    Check me out on Facebook or me, there is information you need there eg on my wall - Australian Marion Barter - in one of my smaller groups 'Campaign to bring Tony Blair, George Bush, John Howard to Justice'