ARTICLES · 14. June 2020
Ukraine did not close its airspace above a war zone - and countless people witnessed fighter jets when MH17 came down. The Dutch Public Prosecutor turns a blind eye to these facts in its trial against those responsible for the air crash. Did the Ukrainian authorities knowingly risk or even provoke an incident?
ARTICLES · 09. June 2020
BBC journalist Olga Ivshina produced a much-discussed report about MH17. She searched for people who had witnessed a BUK transport or missile launch. But all she found were fighter jet witnesses. And much more than were included in her report, a confidential document shows.
ARTICLES · 04. May 2020
The MH17 wreckage was still burning when the Ukrainian secret service convinced western audiences that rebels had brought down the plane. However several persons that for years have been incriminated in the media are not suspected by the Dutch Public Prosecutor and are not standing trial.