American Children Lost to Norway

Natalya Shutakova with her three children - all American citizens - decided to follow her Lithuanian husband to Norway when he got a work contract there. It seemed to be a beautiful and friendly country to spend a few years in. Until the family met face to face with Barnevernet - Child Protection Services. That system took away all of their three children on false charges...It's been 7 months. The family is still struggling to bring their children back home where they belong.

We are planning to continue our investigation and make a bigger and more detailed documentary featuring many heartbreaking stories like Natalya’s.


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MH17 - Call for Justice

Bonanza media investigative team of independent journalists take exclusive interviews with one of the suspects of downing the MH17, Malaysian prime minister; colonel that collected black boxes and much more. Eye opening testimonies from witnesses and irrefutable evidence from experts. Exclusive footage shot in Malaysia, The Netherlands and at the crash area in Ukraine.